I said my good bye's to a friend. I met a local police officer  not long ago I talked to him about my war with cancer.  he remarked to me about how tough I was and that I would be OK.  We became friends, he would stop and say hello when I saw him on Patrol. I had just talked to him a few days before he went on his final patrol. Our politicians have mis managed funds, now most of our police officers ride alone.
I kept quiet until I was able to go to the scene, then it set in seeing his picture there I knew it was the same man, in my town, San Leandro, California just a short walk from my Grandma's house. This was the last thing I thought would ever happen in my area. A place I pass by at least a couple of times a week. Now this place I can't simply ride through without feeling that an angel had to come here to guide a man from this world to a place where heroes now reside. This place is now special, I have faith God will allow Officer Nels Dan Niemi  to still be a protector.   Raymond 7/31/2005
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Contributions for The Niemi Family Fund
Individuals wishing to make a contribution may send them to “The Niemi Family Fund, c/o San Leandro Police Officers Association, 901 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577” or by calling the San Leandro Police Department (510) 577-3215 or Jeff Deuel of the Deuel Group at (925) 952-3838.